Two-Spirit Gathering 2018 Registration Form

Download Registration Form and mail with your money order payable to Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.  

Gathering Workshop Abstract Form

If you are interested in presenting a workshop at the gathering, please send in the completed form as soon as possible.

Gathering Information

Airport Shuttle and Billeting

Participants arriving in Winnipeg by air will be picked up and driven to the gathering site. Those arriving early will be billeted in Winnipeg if need be. 

Camping Details

 As there are a limited number of cabin rooms available, gathering participants are encouraged to tent. The weather is quite pleasant in early August.  

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

A minimum of three sweat lodges will be conducted for gathering participants. 

Bannock Point Petroforms

 The Bannock Point Petroforms are figures laid out on bedrock in the forms of turtles, snakes and humans, and also in abstract patterns. Anishinaabe and other First Nations people believe that they were left here long ago for the benefit of all people that might visit this site to receive their teachings and healing. 

Eastern Beaches of Lake Winnipeg

Victoria Beach

Albert Beach

Hillside Beach

Traverse Bay


Lester Beach

Grand Beach

Grand Marais

Patricia Beach

Beausejour Manitoba

Beausejour is a town located in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead. It is 46 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, just west of the Canadian Shield and Whiteshell Provincial Park. The French name Beauséjour means "beautiful stay".