Two-Spirit People Belong

Indigenous LGBTQ2 people possess a divine gift

The Ojibwe language and philosophy of life tells us that each human has a purpose, role, and destiny, and that we all possess a divine gift. Within the place of family, community, and nation, our roles and gifts are understood and acknowledged without bias or interference.

Deb-we-win Ge-ken-am-aan, Our Place in the Circle

Director Lorne Olson's film details the contemporary life of Two-Spirit people in Manitoba.

A Spirit-Name for a New Generation

The term, Two-Spirit, was introduced at the third annual international LGBT Native American gathering in 1990. Elder Myra Laramee shared the name and it was quickly adopted as a spirit-name. Today, Indigenous LGBTQ and Two-Spirit are terms chosen by some Indigenous people to describe an aspect of their identity.